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2019 WSEGL Results

  • Please note: Only players who have paid their WSEGL entry fee are eligible for prizes. Always remember to sign and date your scorecard to ensure that your scores count. 

    Week 1  Low Gross

    Winners CTP
    3/13  1st TIE: Barbara W & Margie M; 3rd: Patti D   N/A
    3/14  1st: Wendy N; 2nd: Liz F; 3rd: Susan P  N/A
    Week 2  Bingo Bango Bongo    
    3/20  1st: Karin F; 2nd: Cindy P; 3rd: Lou M  Phyllis V
    3/21  1st: Stacy B; 2nd: TIE Mary R & Sue A  
    Week 3 Tee Box Step-Back     
    3/27 1st: Stacy B; 2nd: Diana L; 3rd: Victoria FT Diana L
    3/28 1st: Wendy N; 2nd: TIE Diana L & Susan P  
    Week 4 Stableford    
    4/3 1st: Sharon P; 2nd: TIE: Fran S & Victoria FT None
    4/4 1st: TIE Karin F & Fran S; 3rd: Cathy D  
    Week 5 Criers Tournament    
    4/10 1st: TIE: Stephanie H & Sandy W; 3rd: TIE: Ann A & Janice G Stephanie H
    4/11 1st: Stacey B; 2nd: Wendy N; 3rd: Margie M Stacey B