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Junior Golf Camp Tier 1 Ages 8-12 November M & W Nov 2, 2020 04:00 pm - Nov 25, 2020

This program is on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 pm. There are 6 students per group who will remain in the same group with the same coach for the entire month. 
Tier 1 Intermediate/Advanced
The Junior Development League is for intermediate to advanced golfers ages 8-12. These are players who play their own ball for 9 to 18 holes and shoot double bogey or better on most holes, have NCGA Youth-on-Course Membership and have an official handicap below 30. They have their own clubs and they can get around the course in a timely manner and have good knowledge of the rules and etiquette. 

Covid Requirements for 2020:

  • Students will be in the same group for the entire camp--same kids and same coach
  • Students are advised to bring/use their own golf clubs. No sharing of clubs
  • Students must be mature enough to respect others' personal space and equipment and follow the rules. There can be no exceptions. If the student does not follow the rules they will not be allowed to participate and will forfeit their tuition.
  • Minimum of 4 students per program. If fewer than 4 students sign up, we will offer to transfer to a different camp or refund the tuition. 
Note: It is very important that your assessment of your child's skill level is accurate, since we are not able to offer tryouts this year. We know a lot of your kids from previuos seasons/camps and can help guide many of you to the right level. Inexperienced golfers will not thrive at this level and would reduce our ability to give the rest of the group the level of instruction appropriate for this level. If your child is unable to score at least 50 (maximum realistic score is 100) on our skills assessment then they are not yet Tier 1 players and won't be able to continue at this level in the September program. They also cannot be transferred to a lower level, since that would mean changing groups. Since our registration numbers are limited due to Covid rules, we would be unable to replace the spot we held for your child and you would forfeit your tuition. Please let us know if you are unsure and we will do our best to find the right level for your golfer!