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Practice Facilities

practice facilities"No one can learn golf by osmosis. The only way to strengthen your game and golfing muscles is to get out and practice." -Mickey Wright, 1962
Deep Cliff provides a Practice Center that offers an 8000 sq. ft. putting green and 11- station hitting area to hone all of your golf skills.

With no need to concentrate on the distance at this course, Deep Cliff's netted station is a 35-yard driving range that is perfect for working on all aspects of your swing. The practice center is the ideal place for you and your friends to get the warm-up that you need to play the type of game that you desire. Practice your rhythm or get in a few hits to build confidence before you play.

When there are just not enough hours in the day for a full round of golf, range tokens are only $5.00 for a small bucket of balls (30 count) and a full-service golf shop, lesson programs, and clinics are also available. Learn More